Company Profile


JCJ Management Services & International Promotion, a Makati-based company is a fast rising, globally competitive recruitment agency in the Philippines with an ever growing list of satisfied foreign clients. Founded by Mr. Jonathan C. Ignacio, JCJ Management Services & International Promotion was registered with the Department of Trade & Industry (DTI) on March 1997 and was also registered with Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) as a private recruitment agency on September 5, 1997.

The exposure and experience of MR. JONATHAN C. IGNACIO in the recruitment industry has inspired him to fulfill his dream of providing opportunities to his fellowmen in achieving a better life for their families. For him, Filipinos are highly skilled and are passionate in whatever craft they do in life. This encouraged him to be more zealous with his participation in the recruitment industry. For the last twenty (20) years, JCJ Management Services & International Promotion was one of the many agencies that have contributed in the growth of the recruitment and deployment of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) all over the world. Its relation and responsibility with the OFW's deployed, does not end upon their departure but continues on and even extended to its family. Receiving good feedbacks from its foreign principals on how hardworking and competitive our OFWs are in the performance of their jobs, made Mr. Ignacio and its staff proud. Messages coming from our satisfied and grateful OFW's has given us fulfillment thus challenging us to strive more to further our horizon in seeking for prospective legitimate foreign principals.

Our commitment and expertise consist of:

Competent and hardworking staffs (Experienced HR professionals & Technical evaluators)

Access to all leading job internet sites in the Philippines

Recruitment techniques (a. Two-tier interview system with prospective applicants. First, to assess the personality and soft-skills of the candidates, and second, to assess the technical know-how of the candidates; b. Background investigation on prospective applicants; c. Verification on the authenticity of records submitted)

Recruitment plan (a. Sending of invitation e-mails to previous applicants to apply for positions available; b. Use of tri-media to reach the widest possible coverage of prospective applicants; c. Coordination with the local Public Employment Service Offices (PESO); d. Networking and partnership with different universities and technical schools.)

JCJ's strength rests squarely on the quality of founder, management and staffs. In this Team, you can find a powerful combination of relevant creativity, experience, energy, professional skills and a highly motivated and committed Filipino work force.

We continuously improve our techniques and processes in order to get the most qualified candidates that will meet the requirements of employers.